Please Install The Webcam Driver Using Dell Resource Cd Dell Webcam Center Does Not Recognize My Webcam!?

Dell Webcam Center Does Not Recognize My Webcam!? - please install the webcam driver using dell resource cd

I have just the Dell Webcam Center, and is already available. In the PC with Windows XP and I installed a webcam (Labtec Webcam) not built in a ban. This message will always says "Unsupported WebCam driver detected. Please install the webcam driver with Resource CD and launch the Dell Webcam Center again" Can someone help me, if you please?


bcosmicz said...

Go HERE, CRID = 68, find the crid2 = 1764 it seems. Then choose to download and install XP. We hope that this helps and good luck

booker15... said...

IN for what could be different from XP
Click Start
Dev Type in the search box should appear in Device Manager now
Double-click Imaging devices
Click here for web-cam devices
Then on the toolbar icon with a green up arrow
This then calls on your computer and the Internet to update the driver (requires Internet connection)
Click on this option
Hope this helps

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